1200 Mesh Micro Silica Fume Powder Production, HLMX600 Superfine Mill

1200 Mesh micro silica fume powder production line, HLMX600 superfine mill

This 1200 Mesh micro silica fume powder production line uses HLMX600 superfine mill, which has the output of 1-1.5t/h, and 1000-1200 mesh fineness. Silica fume can be used in water conservancy and hydropower projects, making high-strength concrete, seaport engineering, traffic engineering, shotcrete, etc. Water conservancy and hydropower engineering: In the anti-seepage and anti-abrasion parts, the anti-seepage, anti-cracking, anti-abrasion and anti-cavitation properties can be greatly improved after adding micro-silica fume.


This micro-silica fume production line of this project is designed by Hongcheng, from raw material testing, program design, to the guidance and installation of the superfine mill and supporting auxiliary machines, to production line debugging and technical training. The project is completed by Hongcheng’s engineers. The installation and production cycle taken short period,which is fully combined with the customer’s site conditions, the process design is reasonable, the layout is compact.


Type & quantity: 1 sets of HLMX600 superfine superfine pulverizer

Material: micro silica fume

Fineness: 1000-1200 mesh

Output: 1-1.5t/h

Application: refractory

Post time: Jun-16-2022