What type Of Equipment Does The Slag Crusher 450 Mesh Belong To? Slag Vertical Grinding Mill Available For Sale

The 450 mesh slag powder processed by the slag crusher is a commonly used cementing material in the cement concrete industry. Slag is mainly the waste slag discharged from the blast furnace of an iron and steel plant after smelting pig iron, which is quenched by cold water, so it is also called water slag. The 450 mesh slag crusher is the specification of S95 grade mineral powder, which is most commonly used in the market. Therefore, what equipment is the 450 mesh slag crusher?

Slag crusher can also be called slag grinding mill, which is a processing equipment for producing slag powder. According to the national standard, slag micropowder can be divided into three grades: S75/95/105, of which 95 mineral powder is the most common specification, with fineness ranging from 420 to 450. After being transported from the steel plant, slag will be sent to the cement plant or grinding station for grinding and crushing through a slag crusher with 450 meshes to become a fine slag powder commodity for use as a cement clinker mixing material or as a mixing plant admixture.


The 450 mesh slag crusher is currently dominated by slag vertical grinding mill and ball mills. Ball mills are a type of grinding mill equipment commonly used in the early stage, with mature processes and low investment. Although the investment of vertical grinding mill will be higher than that of ball mill, it has more advantages than ball mill in terms of comprehensive investment and long-term benefits. What are the specific ones? The slag vertical roller mill occupies less land, the construction area of the plant is smaller than that of the ball mill, and the unit energy consumption is lower than that of the ball mill, which can save a certain amount of power consumption. The maintenance cost of vulnerable parts in the later stage is also lower than that of the ball mill, with low noise, less dust spillage, simple and convenient pulverizing process, and better environmental performance.


It is also because of the many advantages and characteristics of slag vertical grinding mills that they are increasingly favored by cement and powder plants. From the early introduction of expensive slag vertical grinding mills from abroad, to the present time, Chinese grinding mill manufacturers can independently develop high-performance slag vertical grinding mills. As a 450 mesh slag crusher, slag vertical mill have gradually replaced ball mills and become the mainstream of slag powder production lines. The HLM series slag vertical grinding mill produced by HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) is a high-quality slag crusher with comparable strength. Not only does the product have good performance and high energy efficiency, but also HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) has complete services. It can provide full process mineral powder production solutions, including scheme design, equipment supply, installation and commissioning, technical training, spare parts, managed operation and maintenance, etc.


Please rest assured to choose the slag vertical grinding mill produced by HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) for 450 mesh slag crusher. Multiple slag vertical mill production lines are available for your inspection. The fineness of slag powder can reach 450 mesh or more. Professional engineers have one-on-one technical exchange and plan customization. If you need any information, please contact or call at +86-773-3568321, HCM will tailor for you the most suitable grinding mill program based on your needs, more details please check Our selection engineer will plan scientific equipment configuration for you and quote for you.

Post time: Mar-17-2023