What kind of machine is good for slaked lime grinding mill? Slaked lime grinding mill equipment introduction

Slaked lime grinding is also a processing technology often involved in lime deep processing. What kind of machine is good for slaked lime grinding mill machine? Check here for the environmentally friendly and easy-to-use slaked lime grinding mill.

Let’s first understand the entire production process of slaked lime. When the raw limestone is calcined in a lime kiln, the chemical composition of the ore changes, from calcium carbonate to calcium oxide. At this time, we generally call it lime or quicklime. Then the lime is digested with water, and then from calcium oxide to hydroxide. Calcium, quicklime becomes slaked lime. Slaked lime generally contains some impurities, such as incompletely digested calcium oxide, and some other components of limestone itself, which we generally call slag. At this time, hydrated lime and slag can be fully ground together by using a slaked lime grinding mill machine. , to obtain ordinary industrial grade calcium hydroxide. It is also possible to discharge slag first, and then select powder to obtain high-quality calcium hydroxide.


Therefore, what kind of machine is suitable for slaked lime grinding mill? Here we recommend slaked lime Raymond mill and slaked lime vertical mill. The output of slaked lime Raymond mill is suitable for slaked lime grinding projects within 20 tons. If it exceeds 20 tons, it is recommended to use slaked lime vertical mill. Moreover, since slaked lime is digested by lime and water, the water content will be relatively high, and the requirements for grinding equipment are also high. Slaked lime vertical mill is more suitable for grinding some high-moisture materials than slaked lime Raymond mill, with higher powder extraction efficiency and higher energy efficiency utilization. Therefore, if the budget is sufficient, considering the long-term grinding effect, it is recommended to directly use slaked lime vertical mill for processing.


Which machine is suitable for slaked lime grinding mill? The HLM series slaked lime vertical grinding mill produced by Guilin Hongcheng is a good choice. Not only is the processing capacity of a single device large, the production capacity can reach more than 50 tons per unit, but also the degree of automation is high, without too much labor, the quality of the finished powder is stable, the later maintenance is convenient, and the operation and maintenance cost is low.


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Post time: Jun-13-2023