What Is The Use Of Petroleum Coke With Different Sulfur Content? Petroleum Coke Raymond Mill For Sale

Petroleum coke is a by-product of oil refining. It is a solid product produced by delayed coking unit with residual oil as raw material. It is widely used in electrolytic aluminum, glass, steel, metal silicon and other fields. It is an irreplaceable raw material in many industries. What is the use of petroleum coke with different sulfur content? In the application process of petroleum coke, petroleum coke powder with different fineness can be produced by using petroleum coke Raymond mill to meet the diversified needs of various industries.

The quality of petroleum coke products is greatly affected by the variety of crude oil processed by the refinery. Most of the sulfur and impurities in crude oil are enriched in petroleum coke. Petroleum coke can be divided into low sulfur coke, medium sulfur coke and high sulfur coke according to the sulfur content. However, what is the use of petroleum coke with different sulfur content? The output of petroleum coke is abundant. Most of petroleum coke can be used as fuel for metal smelting after being processed by petroleum coke grinding mill machine. Petroleum coke (needle coke) with good quality can also be used as raw material for energy storage materials to prepare artificial graphite or porous carbon, thus increasing the added value of petroleum coke.


Petroleum coke with low sulfur content can be used as raw material for making electrodes in smelters. The carbon plant uses petroleum coke, uses petroleum coke Raymond mill to produce anode paste for aluminum plant, and produces graphite electrode for steel and iron plant. The sulfur content of petroleum coke affects the use of coke and the quality of carbon products made from coke. Especially in the manufacture of graphite electrode, sulfur content is a relatively important indicator. Too high sulfur content will directly affect the quality of graphite electrode and also affect the quality of steelmaking. At a high temperature above 500 ℃, the sulfur in the graphite electrode will be decomposed. Too much sulfur will expand the electrode crystal, causing the electrode to shrink and produce cracks. In serious cases, the electrode can be scrapped. In the production of graphite electrode, the sulfur content of petroleum coke will affect the power consumption. The power consumption of petroleum coke with 1.0% sulfur is about 9% more than that of petroleum coke with 0.5% sulfur per ton. When petroleum coke is used as raw material for anode paste, its sulfur content also has a significant impact on power consumption.


HC series petroleum coke Raymond mill is a large-scale, high-efficiency and environment-friendly grinding mill equipment independently developed by Guilin Hongcheng Mining Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The main machine adopts the integral casting base structure, and can adopt the damping foundation. At the same time, the offline dust cleaning pulse system or afterwind pulse dust collection system is adopted, which has strong dust cleaning effect, long service life of filter bag, and dust collection efficiency up to 99.9%, ensuring environmental protection effect. It can be used as the processing and manufacturing of petroleum coke grinding mill, and the fineness of the finished product can reach 38-180μm.


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Post time: Feb-21-2023