What Is The Output Of The Energy-saving And Environmentally Friendly HLM Coal Vertical Roller Mill For Coal Powder?

Coal is my country’s main power fuel resource, which is related to the stable development of the national economy. Coal grinding into pulverized coal is inseparable from coal grinding mill, and vertical grinding mill are one of them. HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng)’s coal vertical roller mill to grind coal has the advantages of cleanliness, high efficiency, intelligence and safety. The following is a detailed introduction to the coal grinding mill.

HLM coal vertical roller mill

The hourly output of HLM coal vertical roller mill for coal grinding varies from 10 tons to 90 tons, and the appropriate equipment model is selected according to the scale of the project. Coal grinding mill are equipped with HLM1500, HLM1700, HLM2000, HLM2400, HLM2600, etc. The moisture requirements of the incoming coal shall not exceed 15%, and the fineness of the discharged coal powder shall be 200 mesh D80-90, and the moisture content shall be about 1%.


Coal is a flammable material. Generally speaking, the higher the volatile content of raw coal, the easier it is to burn. Therefore, it is required that the volatile content of the milled coal should not exceed 30. In the whole process of coal grinding by vertical roller mill, it is also necessary to set up multiple safety and explosion-proof systems to ensure the safety of the grinding process. On the one hand, it is to control the oxygen content inside the system, monitor the data in real time, increase the nitrogen station to balance the nitrogen and oxygen content at any time, and install explosion-proof doors on the host and dust collection equipment to increase safety performance. There is no need to worry about the safety of Hongcheng vertical grinding mill for coal grinding.


How much does a coal vertical roller mill need to invest in grinding coal? In fact, the coal vertical roller mill is a relatively complex milling device, including a lot of supporting equipment. Professional engineers need to customize the exclusive technical selection plan according to the actual project needs, so as to calculate an approximate quotation.


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Post time: Sep-23-2022