What Is The Market Prospect Of Steel Slag Vertical Roller Mill For Powder?

Recently, the steel slag powder production line with the largest production capacity in China was completed and put into operation in Shagang Group. The total investment of this project is about 170 million yuan, and it is estimated that 600000 tons of steel slag powder will be produced annually. Due to the high hardness of steel slag, the particle diameter of conventional ball mill and roller mill is still about 6-8mm after crushing, which requires cement production enterprises to process again. The steel slag vertical roller mill is used in the production line of the steel slag mill of Shagang, which directly “omits” the intermediate link. The diameter fineness of the steel slag can reach about 0.003mm. On the basis of reducing the energy consumption of the process, it can reduce the environmental hazards, improve the added value of the product, further promote the transformation of the steel slag from “solid waste” to “product”, and achieve “double improvement” of environmental protection benefits and economic benefits. This shows that the steel slag mill has a good market prospect. As a professional steel slag vertical roller mill, HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) will introduce the market application of steel slag vertical roller mill.

steel slag grinding mill

It is understood that “steel slag grinding” is an industry recognized environmental protection project, a recyclable economy project, and also the “second leap” of steel slag treatment in Shagang. In 2020, Shagang will build the largest 3.3 million ton steel slag treatment project in China, and achieve 100% comprehensive utilization of steel slag through magnetic separation, crushing, rod grinding, screening and other deep processing. At the end of October of the same year, nearly 600 tons of steel slag from Shagang was successfully applied to the sponge transformation project of Zhangjiagang municipal roads. After the steel slag grinding mill production line is put into operation, the steel slag has really changed from “solid waste” to “product”, and the recycling resources have been “dried and squeezed”, further extending the green economic chain. “The diameter of raw materials is 6-8mm, and then we further grind them with steel slag vertical roller mill, and the fineness reaches about 0.003mm in diameter.” According to the technician from the pulverizing workshop of Shagang New Materials Co., the conventional steel slag production line is about 300000 tons in the whole industry. Our new 600000 ton production line is a reference for the whole industry and is more conducive to the formation of effective industry norms.


The research on the development and utilization of steel slag micro powder is a hot topic following the large-scale application of slag micro powder in recent years. The production of micro powder or composite micro powder by steel slag can eliminate the difference in grindability in the production of steel slag cement. When the steel slag is ground to a certain fineness by steel slag vertical roller mill, when the specific surface area is greater than 400m2Kg, the metal iron can be removed to the greatest extent. The crystal structure of the material is reorganized by ultra-fine grinding, and the particle surface condition changes, The surface can improve and mechanically stimulate the activity of steel slag, giving play to the characteristics of hydraulic cementing materials. When steel slag powder and slag powder are compounded, they have the advantage of superposition. Calcium hydroxide formed when C3S and C2S in steel slag are hydrated is the basic activator of slag. The latest data shows that although the use of slag powder as concrete admixture can improve the strength of concrete and improve the workability and durability of concrete mixture, the low alkalinity of blast furnace slag (% CaO+% MgO)/(% SiO2+% Al2O3), about 0.9~1.2, will significantly reduce the alkalinity of liquid phase in concrete, damage the passive film of reinforcement in concrete (pH<12.4 is easy to damage), and cause corrosion of reinforcement in concrete. In addition, the blast furnace slag is a vitreous body with C3AS and C2MS2 as the main components. The gellability of granulated blast furnace slag powder comes from the disintegration of the slag vitreous structure. Hydration products can only be formed under the action of Ca (OH) 2. The steel slag has a high alkalinity (% CaO+% MgO)/(% SiO2), which is about 1.8~3.0. The minerals are mainly C3S, C2S, CF, C3RS2, RO, etc. The fCaO and active minerals in the steel slag generate Ca (OH) 2 when meeting water, which improves the liquid alkalinity of the concrete system, It can be used as alkaline activator of slag powder. The concrete mixed with steel slag powder has the characteristics of high strength in the later period. Therefore, steel slag and slag composite powder can learn from each other, and the performance is more perfect.


The production process of steel slag vertical roller mill is integrated with crushing, grinding, drying and powder selection, which is characterized by low power consumption, good sealing performance, small floor area, simple process, etc. The required fineness and particle size distribution can be obtained by adjusting the rotating speed of the powder concentrator, the air flow rate of the mill fan and the grinding pressure. With the change of design means and concepts and the increasingly mature process technology, the investment of vertical roller mill system is greatly reduced, which is basically equal to or slightly higher than that of closed circuit ball mill system. Because of its advantages in performance and power consumption, the system will be used more and more widely. HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) is a professional steel slag vertical roller mill. Our HLM steel slag vertical roller mill is an ideal equipment to help the vertical roller mill to expand the steel slag powder market. It can grind steel slag powder with a high specific surface area of more than 700, save two processes of pre-grinding and final grinding, and complete the production of steel slag powder in one step.


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Post time: Dec-04-2022