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Silicon micro powder is a non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free inorganic non-metallic material, which is made of natural quartz (SiO2) or fused quartz (amorphous SiO2 of natural quartz after high temperature melting and cooling) through crushing, grinding, flotation, pickling purification, high-purity water treatment and other processes. What are the uses of silica powder? HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) is the manufacturer of silicon micro powder grinding mill. The following describes the use of silicon micro powder:

The characteristics of silicon micro powder are: refractive index 1.54-1.55, Mohs hardness about 7, density 2.65g/cm3, melting point 1750 ℃, dielectric constant about 4.6 (1MHz). Its main performances include:


(1) Good insulation: due to the high purity of silicon powder, low impurity content, stable performance and excellent electrical insulation, the cured product has good insulation performance and arc resistance.


(2) It can reduce the exothermic peak temperature of the curing reaction of epoxy resin, reduce the linear expansion coefficient and shrinkage of the cured product, thus eliminating the internal stress of the cured product and preventing cracking.


(3) Corrosion resistance: silicon micro powder is not easy to react with other substances, and does not react chemically with most acids and alkalis. Its particles are evenly covered on the surface of the object, with strong corrosion resistance.


(4) The particle size grading is reasonable, which can reduce and eliminate sedimentation and stratification during use; It can enhance the tensile and compressive strength of the cured product, improve the wear resistance, increase the thermal conductivity of the cured product, and increase the flame retardancy.


(5) The silicon powder treated with silane coupling agent has good wettability to various resins, good adsorption performance, easy mixing and no agglomeration.


(6) The addition of silica powder as filler into the organic resin not only improves the properties of the cured product, but also reduces the product cost.


Main uses of silicon powder:

(1) Application in CCL: Silicon micro powder is a kind of functional filler. It can improve the insulation, thermal conductivity, thermal stability, acid and alkali resistance (except HF), abrasion resistance and flame retardancy of the CCL, improve the bending strength and dimensional stability of the board, reduce the thermal expansion rate of the board, and improve the dielectric constant of the CCL. At the same time, silicon micro powder is widely used in the copper clad laminate industry due to its rich raw materials and low price, which can reduce the cost of the copper clad laminate.


(2) Application in epoxy resin potting material: As one of the common fillers of epoxy resin potting material, silicon micro powder has an obvious role in improving some physical properties of epoxy resin. For example, adding active silicon micro powder to epoxy resin potting material can greatly improve the impact resistance of epoxy resin potting material and reduce the viscosity of epoxy resin potting material.


(3) Application in epoxy plastic sealant: epoxy molding compound (EMC), also known as epoxy resin molding compound and epoxy plastic sealant, is a kind of powder molding compound mixed with epoxy resin as the matrix resin, high-performance phenolic resin as the curing agent, filler such as silicon micro powder, and a variety of additives. In the composition of EMC, silicon powder is the most used filler, and the weight ratio of silicon powder to epoxy molding compound is 70%~90%.


The production process of silicon micro powder is generally similar to each other according to the properties of raw ore, ore process mineralogy and other characteristics and the requirements of users for product quality. The production of high-purity superfine silicon powder is obtained by further superfine grinding or grinding classification on the basis of high-purity sand preparation. The selection of processing equipment is particularly important, especially the selection of superfine grinding and superfine classification equipment. The choice of superfine grinding and superfine classification equipment will directly affect the output and quality of the final products and the shape of the powder particles. HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng), as the manufacturer of silicon micro powder grinding mill, our HLMX silicon micro powder vertical mill is an ideal equipment for producing ultra-fine silicon micro powder, which has many advantages such as large capacity, high specific surface area, low impurity content, etc. The classification system of secondary air separation is configured, and the classifier and fan are controlled by frequency conversion speed regulation, so the powder separation efficiency is high; Single head and multi head powder concentrators are used to effectively control the fineness of finished products; Fineness of finished product ranges from 3 μ M to 22 μ m. A variety of qualified products can be obtained.


HCM’s silicon micro powder grinding mill has broken through the capacity bottleneck of other ultra-fine mills such as traditional air flow mill and vibration mill, with an hourly output of 4-40t/h, and energy consumption far lower than that of similar ultra-fine grinding equipment. It is an environment-friendly and energy-saving silicon micro powder grinding mill. If you have relevant requirements, please contact us for details and provide follow information to us:

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Post time: Nov-24-2022