The Advantages of Bentonite in Coating Industry

Bentonite has many advantages when used in coating, it is required to be ground by bentonite powder grinding mill into powders for diverse applications. If you need bentonite mill, please let us know your requirements:


Montmorillonite is the main mineral of bentonite, it is TOT type, which is two layers of silica tetrahedron are sandwiched with a layer of alumina octahedron to form a layered structure. Montmorillonite has the characteristics of water absorption, expansibility, thixotropy, rheology and so on, it is widely applied in the coating industry, in this article, we will tell you the advantages of bentonite in coating industry.


Five advantages of bentonite in coating application

1. Thickening effect

Bentonite forms flocculent substances in water and has thickening effect. Its molecular groups can be combined with the organic base materials in the coating, which can enhance the water resistance of the coating and improve the strength and adhesion of the coating.

2. Suspension and dispersion

Bentonite has good suspension and dispersion in aqueous medium, so that the coating is not easy to precipitate, layered and uniform in color, so as to improve the stability of coating suspension, and has good brushing performance, which can form a uniform, flat and smooth coating. Based on this, some heavy calcium carbonate can be added to the coating to reduce the cost.

3. Adhesion and covering power

Bentonite has a certain adhesion and covering power, adding it to polyvinyl alcohol series glue can greatly reduce the amount of polyvinyl alcohol and its filler (such as light calcium carbonate) and reduce the cost.

4. Hydrophilicity, plasticity, expansibility and adhesion

Bentonite has excellent hydrophilicity, plasticity, expansibility and adhesion. It can combine with an appropriate amount of water to form colloid. It can release charged ions in water. The electric repulsion between these ions makes it play the role of dispersant in coatings. In the waterproof coating, the bentonite particles in high-speed movement collide and cut with the hot asphalt, breaking and gelatinizing the asphalt. The polar substances in the gelled asphalt particles adsorb the bentonite particles, forming a colloidal hydration film on the surface of the asphalt particles, reducing the interfacial tension between asphalt and water and preventing the asphalt particles from re condensing, so as to form a stable dispersed phase and act as an emulsifier.

5. Cold resistance

Bentonite has cold resistance, and the prepared coating can still be used at low temperature.


Bentonite Processing

Bentonite is used as an auxiliary agent in the coating to prevent the settlement of pigments and fillers. The addition amount is between 0.2% – 2%, which does not have a great impact on the performance of the coating, but the fineness of bentonite will affect the effect to a certain extent. Therefore, choosing a proper bentonite grinding equipment is essential to obtain high quality bentonite powder. We are a reputable bentonite powder grinding mill manufacturer, our mill can process 60-2500mesh fineness.


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