Substitution of cement raw materials: How to use paper sludge?

HCM Machinery solid waste grinding mill learned that the "National Climate Change Plan (2014-2020)" pointed out that "the cement industry should encourage the use of calcium carbide slag, paper sludge, desulfurization gypsum, fly ash, metallurgical slag tailings and other industrial waste residues and volcanic ash and other non-carbonate raw materials instead of traditional limestone raw materials." So how to use paper sludge? How about the processing technology?

HCM Machinery solid waste grinding mill learned that with the continuous development of society, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has gradually increased the monitoring of enterprise "waste water, waste, waste gas" discharge. The fine fibers and inorganic salts in the papermaking process are deposited in the primary and secondary sedimentation tanks of wastewater treatment to form sludge, and about 500 ~700 kg of wet sludge is produced for every 1000 kg of paper, and the composition is complex and the water content is high, which is difficult to treat. At present, most paper mills often use traditional methods such as concentration, extrusion, boiler combustion or landfill, which is not only expensive, but also easy to cause secondary pollution.

How to use paper sludge in cement industry? What is the process?

HCM Machinery Solid waste mill special vertical mill learned from the network information "a method of collaborative sludge treatment in cement production". The data discloses a method of collaborative treatment of sludge in cement production, using the existing new dry process cement clinker production line to produce cement clinker and collaborative treatment of sludge, the paper sludge with water content of ≥70% is directly added to the vertical mill, mixed with cement raw materials, grinding fine, to obtain cement raw material, the amount of paper sludge added is 5% ~ 12% of the weight of cement raw material. After homogenization, the cement clinker is imported into the calcining system for firing. The kiln exhaust gas in the calcining system is fed into the vertical mill for drying. The method does not need to put the sludge and cement raw materials into the vertical mill through the pre-proportioning, mixing and belt conveying processes, and does not need to dehydrate or dry the sludge in advance. It can treat the sludge with high moisture content, and the processing capacity is large, without secondary pollution, and can save cement raw materials such as limestone and clay, and has no adverse effect on the quality of cement clinker.

Does the utilization of paper sludge need grinding?

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Post time: Jan-30-2024