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What machinery can be used for spodumene production line? What is the uses of spodumene? How much is the spodumene production line? In this article we will introduce you how to choose a proper spodumene production line.


Spodumene belongs to the monoclinic system, and the crystals are often in granular or plate. It is in gray-white, gray-green, purple or yellow, etc., its hardness is 6.5-7, and the density is 3.03-3.22g/cm³. As a raw material for lithium chemical products, it is widely used in lithium chemical, glass and ceramic industries.


Spodumene mainly used in two sectors. The first is used to extract lithium, the lithium used in  industry and in various aspects is extracted from spodumene. The second is to make ceramic casserole, the ceramic casserole made of spodumene has good stability and heat resistance, the spodumene casserole can be heated directly in the microwave.


For grinding 80-400 mesh spodumene, we recommend HC Raymond Pendulum Mill. HC Pendulum Raymond Mill is an innovation and upgrade on the basis of traditional mills. It has a number of independent research and development patented technologies. Among them, HC1700 Raymond Pendulum Mill is the most popular type, its technical indicators have been greatly improved compared with the R-type mill, it is a high-yield and efficient energy-saving grinding equipment. It has strong adaptability to materials, the fineness of the finished product can be adjusted between 80-400 mesh, and the output can be 30%-40% higher than that of the traditional Raymond mill.


HC large pendulum mill

Number of grinding rollers: 5-6

Finished product output: 3-55t/h

Product fineness: 38-180μm


Our experts will provide the customized spodumene production line to ensure you get your desired grinding results.

Please let us know:

1.Your material.

2.The required fineness(mesh or μm) and yield (t/h).


Post time: Jun-02-2022