Iron ore mineral processing with standing grinding or ball grinding good?

    Iron ore dressing vertical mill is an equipment to replace the ball mill in iron ore dry mill dry magnetic process, its emergence brings hope for the improvement of ore dressing process index. At present, the beneficiation process of iron ore usually adopts the wet process, which has a long history and mature technology, but the water consumption is large, the process is relatively complex, and the infrastructure cost is high. For the areas with drought and water shortage, this method will greatly increase the cost of mineral processing. The emergence of dry grinding dry magnetic separation process has solved this problem very well. Using this process can shorten the beneficiation process, reduce the water consumption in the process, and even the whole process of beneficiation adopts dry process. Guilin Hongcheng is the manufacturer of iron ore mill, today by Guilin Hongcheng Xiaobian for you to introduce the application of iron ore mill in iron ore dry grinding dry magnetic process.

    1.Advantages of iron ore dressing vertical mill:

    The grinding and grading process of iron ore mineral processing in China usually adopts the wet process. The commonly used grinding equipment in wet concentrators are ball mill, rod mill, grinding mill, etc., and the separation equipment is usually spiral grading machine, hydrocyclone, fine sieve, etc. The combined use of these equipment can improve the efficiency of iron ore fine grain sorting and reduce the water consumption in the process. Therefore, on the premise of ensuring the feasibility of the process, simplifying the process, reducing the number of equipment and reducing the area of the plant has become an urgent problem to be solved in the iron ore concentrator. Iron ore dry grinding dry magnetic process of iron ore dressing mill for dry fine grinding, grinding fine reading can guarantee-200 above 80%, equivalent to the common process of ball mill and screw grading machine or ball mill and cyclone grinding closed process, at the same time, iron ore dressing mill processing capacity is much higher than the ball mill, low energy consumption, no water in the process of grinding, therefore, the process compared with the original process, there are many advanced. At the same time, this process is a dry process, for the dry water shortage areas, can well solve the problem of water difficulties, reduce the cost of dressing and the consumption of water resources.

    2.Characteristics of iron ore dry grinding dry magnetic process:

    Iron ore dressing mill integrates grinding classification, which can replace grinding equipment and grading equipment at the same time, which can well solve the problem of simplifying the process and equipment layout. After one or two stages of crushing, the ore can grade the particles with the principle of the mill itself, the minerals can be separated by the screening, which is beneficial to reduce or even prevent the phenomenon of overgrinding. The application of iron ore dressing vertical mill to iron ore dry mill has the following characteristics:

    (1)The dry grinding process of iron ore mill does not consume water medium, and the products after grinding can enter the direct dry or wet magnetic separation process;

    (2)The conventional grinding and particle size grading process is realized in the iron ore mineral processing vertical mill equipment, which effectively shortens the process, simplifies the process, and reduces the number of equipment and equipment purchase cost;

    (3)Based on the working principle of iron ore mill, the grinding products in this equipment are graded according to weight. Therefore, the particle size range of the product is greatly affected by the density of various minerals in the ore, the greater the density difference, the wider the particle size range, the more it is beneficial to the subsequent screening operation;

    (4)Iron ore dressing vertical mill grinding process, can realize the difference of grinding, namely in the same grinding conditions and time, low grinding mineral than the mineral, high grinding fine size, according to this principle, according to the iron ore and gangue mineral grinding difference, ideally, according to the mineral type size classification, which provides convenience for the subsequent sorting operation;

    (5)The iron ore dressing vertical mill has low energy consumption and high efficiency。

    3.Application case of iron ore dressing vertical mill:

    Recently, another 1.3 meters small hongcheng iron ore dressing mill in Sichuan customer site officially started operation. The following data are the case details of the project: equipment model: HLM1300 Iron ore dressing vertical mill; processing materials: iron ore; finished product fineness: 325 mesh D95; production capacity: 12-13 tons / hour。

    Iron ore dry grinding dry magnetic process has developed rapidly in recent years. With the continuous exhaustion of resources and the increasing demand, the development and utilization of low grade ore is more and more important, especially in the rich iron ore resources but seriously short of water in the west, iron ore dry grinding dry magnetic process has become an ideal choice. If you also have iron ore processing vertical mill procurement needs, welcome to call us to learn more equipment

Post time: Mar-20-2024