Introduction To The Processing Technology Of Calcined Petroleum Coke And The Production Line of Calcined Coke Grinding Mill

New energy is now a hot industry, and lithium battery production is very popular in the market. Lithium anode materials have also attracted much attention. The calcined petroleum coke, also known as calcined petroleum coke, is an important raw material for the production of negative electrode materials. Its processing technology and related equipment have also become popular. The following will introduce you about the processing technology of calcined petroleum coke and the production line of calcined coke grinding mill.

Calcination is the most important part of the process that calcined petroleum coke can be processed by calcined coke grinding mill. At present, rotary kiln and tank furnace are commonly used. Rotary kiln is widely used in foreign countries, while tank furnace is widely used in China. During the calcination process, the key is to control the calcination temperature and time to improve the production capacity, save energy consumption and achieve the desired effect. The purpose of calcining petroleum coke includes removing moisture and volatile matter in raw materials, improving the density and mechanical strength of raw materials, improving the electrical conductivity of raw materials and improving the antioxidant capacity of raw materials.


After calcination, petroleum coke becomes mature coke, which can be used for the production and processing of lithium anode materials and graphite electrodes. No matter what kind of product is produced downstream, it is inseparable from crushing and grinding with calcined coke grinding mill. The production line of calcined coke grinding mill is the main equipment for its crushing and grinding. Granular calcined coke can be produced and processed into fine powder. After the fineness meets the requirements of product technical indicators, it will be sent to the next link to continue production. This requires that the quality of the calcined coke vertical grinding mill production line is reliable and sustainable, and the normal operation of the whole production line cannot be affected.


HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng)s calcined coke vertical grinding mill production line is customized according to the characteristics of calcined coke. The grinding efficiency and grading accuracy are improved, energy saving and environmental protection, stable and reliable. The fineness of calcined coke grinding can be from 3 μ M to 20 μ m. The output per unit hour ranges from 0.5 tons to 20 tons. Professional engineers can customize the one-to-one technical exchange scheme with you according to your actual needs.

Post time: Jan-11-2023