Introduction Of Large-Scale Calcium Hydroxide Production Equipment Made By HCM

What equipment can be used to grind calcium hydroxide powder? HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) is a large-scale calcium hydroxide production equipment manufacturer, which combined with the production demand of the project, provides customized services and customized selection scheme, which is conducive to creating value for the calcium hydroxide powder project. HCM is a large-scale calcium hydroxide production equipment manufacturer with rich experience, and we welcome interested customers to visit our factory at any time.

Calcium Hydroxide Production

1. Basic Information Of Guilin Hongcheng

Guilin Hongcheng has become a more experienced manufacturer. Our mill types include Raymond mill, vertical roller mill and ultrafine mill. In addition, we also provide calcium hydroxide production line equipment for calcium hydroxide industry, provide tailor-made services, develop plans and product quotations.

2. Introduction of Large-Scale Calcium Hydroxide Production Equipment

In order to meet the development needs of lime industry and kiln deep processing industry, HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) deeply studied the development direction of lime deep processing, conducted in-depth technical exchanges and discussions, and contributed to the calcium hydroxide powder industry. The calcium hydroxide production equipment of HCM includes HCQ calcium hydroxide digestion system, HCLM slag mill and HLF series fine powder concentrator.

Calcium hydroxide equipment
Calcium hydroxide equipment for HCM 3

1). HCQ Calcium Hydroxide Slaking System

It adopts intelligent water distribution system, constant temperature digestion, small floor area, long effective length, and can be fully digested. The PLC automatic control of the whole machine can strengthen the quality control ability, quickly heat the ash, and further accelerate the digestion speed and pulverizing rate.

2). HCLM Slag Grinding Mill

It is a large grinding mill equipment. It has more stable performance, lower maintenance cost, high output and low noise. Meanwhile, energy saving and consumption reduction are conducive to improving market competitiveness, the whole system has little vibration, environmental protection and tidiness.

3). HLF Series Fine Powder Separator

It is an advanced equipment of powder separation technology, which has good energy saving effect and can greatly improve the output of the mill system. It is suitable for the production units of cement, titanium slag, slag micro powder, lime deep processing, calcium hydroxide and calcium carbonate, and fly ash separation.

Welcome to visit the large-scale calcium hydroxide production equipment manufacturer factory. HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) has rich experience in customizing one-to-one type selection and configuration scheme, which is conducive to creating greater capacity and value for your calcium hydroxide project. Please contact us for quotation at any time!

Post time: Nov-10-2021