How much does a small Raymond mill weigh?

How heavy a small Raymond mill is may be a concern for a few customers. Because the weight of the grinding mill is affected by the material to a certain extent.Generally speaking, the heavier the device and the sturdier the materials used, the better the service life and performance will be in all aspects. HCM Hongcheng Machinery customer service will tell you about the problem of how heavy a small Raymond mill is.

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The weight of a small Raymond mill is affected by two factors. One is the specific model. The larger the model, the larger the size of the grinding roller and the ring, and the heavier the weight. Another factor is the manufacturer’s process. Different manufacturers use different steel compositions and different steel plate thicknesses. Even the same model and size of equipment will have different weights.

Putting aside the model, let’s first talk about the material of Raymond mill. The Raymond mill system has air circulation, and the airflow carries the powder and hits everywhere in the pipe, causing a certain impact on the inner wall of the pipe. If the steel plate is relatively thin, it is easy to perforate, especially for materials with higher hardness. Once perforated, air leakage will occur easily, affecting the normal and stable operation of the closed-circuit system. Therefore, the thicker the steel plate of Raymond mill, the more stable the use effect will be.


So, under normal circumstances, how much does a small Raymond mill weigh? HCM, a professional Raymond mill manufacturer, has several models of small Raymond mills. The smallest HC800 weighs about 9.7 tons, the HC1000 weighs about 15.2 tons, and the HC1300 weighs about 25.5 tons. Of course, this data is only a reference value, and the weight of equipment with different configurations will vary.


How much does HCM’s small Raymond mill weigh? HCM customer service has given the weight reference values of several small Raymond mills, hoping to help you. HCM Raymond Mill uses solid materials, advanced casting technology, sophisticated workmanship, and assured quality. Welcome to learn more about it. Email

Post time: Oct-20-2023