How Important Is Phosphate Fertilizer For Crops? Why Should Phosphate Fertilizer Be Ground With A Phosphate Rock Grinding Mill?

Phosphorus fertilizer is the largest fertilizer used in agriculture at present, and it is crucial for the growth of crops. The production of phosphate fertilizer cannot be separated from the process of phosphate rock grinding milling. What is the specific role of phosphate fertilizer? Why should phosphate rock be used to grind phosphate fertilizer? What phosphate rock grinding mill equipment is suitable for use?

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Phosphate fertilizer plays an important role in agriculture. Phosphorus is a component of important compounds in plants, which can form nucleic acids, nucleoproteins, phospholipids, phytochemicals, high-energy phosphate compounds and coenzymes. Phosphorus can increase the content of soluble sugar and phospholipids in plants, while soluble sugar can reduce the freezing point of cell protoplasm, and phospholipids can improve the adaptability of cells to temperature changes, thus enhancing the cold resistance of crops. It can also strengthen photosynthesis and carbohydrate synthesis and transport, promote protein synthesis, enhance nitrogen fixation of legume crops, and promote fat metabolism. In addition, phosphorus can also enhance the adaptability of crops to acid and alkali changes, so applying phosphorus fertilizer on saline-alkali land can improve the saline-alkali resistance of crops. Therefore, the production of crops cannot be separated from phosphate fertilizer.


The types of phosphate fertilizer are also different. The common ones are water-soluble phosphate fertilizer, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, phosphate rock powder, polyphosphate and ammonium polyphosphate. Among them, phosphate rock powder is the fine powder after the phosphate rock is directly broken and ground by the phosphate rock grinding mill. The use of phosphate rock powder has a long history. About 6 million tons of phosphate rock powder are directly used as phosphate fertilizer in the world every year. Why should phosphate fertilizer be ground with a phosphate rock grinding mill? As we all know, the main source of phosphorus is phosphate rock. Phosphate fertilizer is one of the main products of phosphate rock deep processing. The raw materials of these different kinds of phosphate fertilizers described above are phosphate rock. It can be said that the crushing and grinding of phosphate rock is the front end of the phosphate fertilizer industry.


What kind of phosphate rock grinding mill equipment is suitable for phosphate rock powder used for phosphate fertilizer? HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) specializes in the production of energy-saving and environment-friendly phosphate rock grinding equipment, and has a high market share in the phosphate rock processing industry. The new HC series pendulum phosphate rock Raymond mill and HLM phosphate rock vertical roller mill developed and produced by HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) are ideal choices for phosphate rock grinding mill. Not only is the performance of the equipment stable, but also the output per unit is higher than that of the same type of equipment, which can create more economic value. There is no need to worry about the environmental protection. The full negative pressure system operates in a sealed manner, and there is almost no overflow of dust. Why should we use phosphate rock grinding mill for phosphate fertilizer? HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng)’s brand new grinding mill machine will help you realize it smoothly.


Finally, the use of phosphate fertilizer reminds us that we must fertilize according to the soil, that is, select different phosphate fertilizer according to the type of soil. Fertilizer should also be applied according to the needs of crops, so that phosphorus fertilizer can play an ideal role. Combined application of nitrogen and phosphorus, rational allocation and improved fertilizer efficiency. It can be seen that phosphate fertilizer still plays a leading role in agriculture. Why should phosphate fertilizer be milled with phosphate rock grinding mill process? For more information, please contact us directly online.

Post time: Feb-06-2023