Guilin Hongcheng Enhances the Standardized Development of Calcium Carbonate Mill

Calcium carbonate is one of the most widely used inorganic non-metallic mineral powder material due to its excellent and particular physical and chemical properties. 800 mesh calcium carbonate powders are used in PE, ceramics, coatings and other industries, and 1250 mesh calcium carbonate powders are used in papermaking, medicine, microfiber leather and other industries. 3000 mesh calcium carbonate powders are used in high-end PVC, high-end fillers, cosmetics and other industries.

Most of the calcium carbonate enterprises have the issues of mass energy consumption, extensive production, dust and noise pollution, it is urgent to to solve these issues. As an advanced enterprise who insist to promote the innovation and development of the calcium carbonate industry, Guilin Hongcheng has researched and developed new environmental protection technologies to making milling equipment for environmental protection.

Guilin Hongcheng owns over 20 years experience in manufacturing grinding mill, our products including HLMX series superfine vertical mills, HLM series vertical mills, HC series vertical pendulum mills, HCH series ultra-fine roller mills and other calcium carbonate mills. The equipment has advanced structure, small vibration and minimum noise. Through the full negative pressure operation, the pulse dust removal system can ensure the workshop in dust-free condition, and the dust collection rate can reach 99.9%. The mill working principle is not complicated, the final particle sizes are uniform, and the fineness can be easily adjusted between 80-2500 mesh. We offer different models of mill for the output between 1-200 tons.

Customer Cases

Our grinding equipment has the characteristics of environmental protection, high throughput rate, excellent final particle size, etc., which can help customers get the desired grinding effect.

1.Customer site of calcium carbonate plant in Vietnam

Fineness: 800 mesh

Mill model: HCH1395 ring roller mill

calcite ultra fine mill
HC2000 large capacity grinding machine

2.Customer site of calcium carbonate plant

Fineness: 300 mesh D90

Mill model: HC2000 large-scale grinder

3.Customer site of calcium carbonate plant

Mill model: HLMX1300 superfine vertical mill


HLMX1300 superfine dry grinding
HLMX1700 superfine dry grinding

4.Customer site of calcium carbonate plant

Fineness: 1250 mesh

Mill model: HLMX1700 ultra-fine vertical mill

5.Customer site of calcium carbonate plant

Fineness: 328 mesh D90

Mill model: HLM2400 vertical mill

HLM2400 vertical roller gringing mill

We are not only aim at increasing powder output, but also protecting the environment. With our rich experience in product development and manufacturers, we combine the concept of green environmental protection with product development technology to produce High-end products that contribute to create value for customers.

Post time: Oct-23-2021