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In 2015, the inventor Cui Weihua disclosed a patent: a method for preparing high-purity light calcium carbonate from steel slag. Is it feasible to make high-purity calcium carbonate from steel slag using steel slag vertical roller mill?


According to the China Powder Technology Network, recently, the “100000 ton carbonization method iron and steel slag comprehensive utilization industrialization demonstration line”, a contracted project of “rejuvenating Mongolia through science and technology”, was launched in Baotou. The project was jointly constructed by Baotou Steel Group and Yukuang Environmental Protection Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. It is reported that the project is based on the results of the “10,000 ton verification production line for comprehensive utilization of steel slag by carbonization method”. The steel slag is comprehensively carbonized, and finally produces industrial by-products such as high-purity calcium carbonate and iron containing materials, so as to realize the resource reuse of steel slag. Compared with the traditional technology, the carbonization iron and steel slag treatment technology can directly take carbon dioxide as the raw material to participate in the reaction while reducing the emission of carbon dioxide, which has a dual carbon reduction effect, achieving the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting the development of circular low-carbon. After the completion of the project, 424000 tons of steel slag can be treated every year, while about 100000 tons of carbon dioxide can be carbonized (sealed), and the production capacity of 200000 tons of high-purity calcium carbonate and 310000 tons of iron materials can be achieved. This project is a further industrialized demonstration exploration, which can be widely promoted in similar enterprises. While meeting the demand for comprehensive utilization of solid wastes, it is conducive to achieving the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutralization. This means the feasibility of the project of producing high-purity calcium carbonate from steel slag. It also provides a new way for comprehensive utilization of steel slag solid waste.


The main technical features of producing high-purity calcium carbonate from steel slag are as follows: first, grind the steel slag into powder, expose the free calcium oxide in the steel slag to the surface of the steel slag, extract the calcium oxide in the steel slag by wet method with 0.5% acetic acid, filter and clarify, then carbonize it with carbon dioxide gas, and then dehydrate, wash, dry, cool, smash and screen it to produce high-purity light calcium carbonate. High purity light calcium carbonate is widely used as filler for artificial floor tiles, rubber, plastics, paper making, coatings, paints, inks, cables, building supplies, food, medicine, textiles, feed, toothpaste and other products. In this process, the grinding fineness of steel slag needs to reach more than 400 meshes. What kind of equipment can be used to achieve large-scale production of steel slag micro powder? As a professional manufacturer of steel slag grinding mill, HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) recommends that you choose HLM steel slag vertical roller mill for the production of steel slag powder. At present, the treatment process of steel slag powder on the market is mainly pre grinding+fine grinding. The steel slag can be grinded to more than 420 microns after two-stage grinding. The equipment price, floor area and average energy consumption are all huge investments.


HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng)’s R&D team and industry experts, through in-depth cooperation and test, launched the HLM series steel slag vertical roller mill, which can grind the steel slag powder into shape at one time, greatly improving the utilization value of steel slag powder, and opening up the downstream application market. It is an ideal steel slag micro powder equipment to save cost, energy consumption, floor area, yield and added value of finished products.

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Source: [Publication No.] CN104828850 Inventor: Cui Weihua’s method of preparing high-purity light calcium carbonate from steel slag; Baotou Daily

Post time: Nov-25-2022