Buying Guide for Aluminum Hydroxide Grinding Mills

The low viscosity aluminum hydroxide filler is a filler material with special properties with different particle sizes and particle size distributions obtained by grinding and crushing of aluminum hydroxide with optimal grading. This type of product has the characteristics of non-toxic, non-volatile, non precipitation, low price, good flame retardancy, smoke suppression and relatively low decomposition temperature; It has good compatibility when polymerized with rubber, plastic, epoxy resin and other substances. What kind of grinding mill is good for aluminum hydroxide crushing? It is a new technology to further process aluminum hydroxide with vertical roller mill. HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) is the manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide vertical roller mill. The following is your purchase guide for aluminum hydroxide grinding mill.

What grinding mill is good for aluminum hydroxide crushing? In the crushing process of aluminum hydroxide, three types of ultra-fine crushing equipment, namely universal crushing mill, air flow mill and mechanical mill, have been used respectively. The universal grinding mill is the first superfine grinding equipment used for the production of aluminum hydroxide filler. Although it can meet the market demand at that time, there are many problems, mainly manifested in high energy consumption and low output; Low degree of automation, short cleaning cycle and high labor intensity of workers; The product quality fluctuates greatly, the performance is poor, the moisture content of the product is unstable, and the 320 mesh residue is easy to exceed the standard. Airflow mill has compact structure and high degree of automation. The crushed products have the advantages of small water content, uniform product fineness, narrow particle size distribution, smooth particle surface, regular particle shape, high purity, good dispersion, low 320 mesh residue, etc. However, the biggest disadvantage of air flow mill in the application of hydrogen aluminum crushing is that it consumes a lot of electricity, the energy utilization rate is only about 50%, and the one-time investment is large, which greatly increases the cost of aluminum hydroxide filler. At present, most of the domestic grinding equipment use mechanical mills. Although they have advantages over universal mills and air flow mills, compared with aluminum hydroxide vertical roller mills, they have low efficiency, high energy consumption and low production capacity. Large mechanical mills can only have a production capacity of 3-4 tons per hour. From wet aluminum hydroxide to deep processing aluminum hydroxide, the power consumption per ton is more than 200 kw, and the products produced are of sheet structure and high viscosity, which are used in downstream industries, It is difficult to add process. Then, what kind of aluminum hydroxide grinding mill is good for aluminum hydroxide crushing?


In view of the problems existing in the production of low viscosity aluminum hydroxide filler, since 2013, technicians have started to conduct a lot of research and tests on the problems of high product viscosity and high energy consumption. It is found that the aluminum hydroxide vertical roller mill, which has been widely used in the cement industry and calcium powder industry, can easily realize the large-scale and high capacity of bed rolling and grinding, and the integration of drying and grinding. Compared with mechanical mill, vertical roller mill can grind aluminum hydroxide particles without destroying the primary crystal to the greatest extent. Such low viscosity hydrogen aluminum filler brings better processing performance to downstream industries. Aluminum hydroxide vertical roller mill has high capacity and low energy consumption; Integration of preheating, grinding and powder selection, short process and small land occupation; With high reliability, it is equipped with thin oil centralized lubrication, hydraulic servo pressure, water spraying device and other auxiliary facilities; The material bed grinding has higher grinding efficiency under the action of variable pressure; Dynamic and static powder separation, reliable product quality; The amount of maintenance is small and the wearing parts are few, which is convenient for maintenance. On the basis of absorbing the application experience of other industries, the aluminum hydroxide vertical roller mill has realized the recycling of unsaturated hot air, greatly reducing the drying cost of raw material wet aluminum hydrogen. Main products produced by HLMX aluminum hydroxide superfine vertical roller mill (median particle size 10μm) The production capacity is 7~10 tons/hour, and the grinding particle size can reach 5~17μmThe product has the characteristics of low viscosity, stable particle size and wide particle size distribution. The particle size stability of HWF10LV produced by aluminum hydroxide vertical roller mill is better than that of HWF10 produced by mechanical mill. The particle size distribution of vertical roller mill is wider and its peak value is lower than that of mechanical mill.


Compared with the mechanical mill applied in the same industry, the low-speed high-pressure grinding of aluminum hydroxide vertical roller mill is more stable in operation and lower in noise. The capacity of single machine with the same power is doubled, the cost is reduced by half, the product viscosity is reduced by half, and the particle size distribution is wide and stable. Aluminum hydroxide vertical roller mill not only has the advantages in product viscosity, particle size and cost, but also has the ability to produce ultra-fine low viscosity aluminum hydroxide filler HWF5, which further meets the potential market demand. Therefore, aluminum hydroxide vertical roller mill will gradually replace mechanical mill and become the main production equipment for deep processing of low viscosity aluminum hydroxide filler in the future. If you have relevant procurement needs, please provide follow information to us:

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Post time: Oct-19-2022