Application prospect of ultrafine steel slag grinding

If the steel waste slag produced by the iron and steel industry can not be rationally used, it will need to requisition a large amount of land for stacking, and the stacking time will be condensed into blocks and become waste, polluting the environment, wasting resources, and increasing the cost of waste slag treatment by iron and steel enterprises. Steel slag processing to prepare ultrafine powder, its raw material is metallurgical waste slag in metallurgical industry, can become an important part of concrete. In the process of steel slag powder production, only part of the hot gas is needed to dry the water in the steel slag, and there is no smoke emission. The processing and preparation of steel slag powder is also a green environmental protection project, which belongs to the project encouraged by the state. HCM Machinery as a steel slag micro-powder vertical mill manufacturer, today to introduce you to the application prospects of ultra-fine steel slag grinding.

1. Current situation of resource utilization of steel slag:

Steel slag powder has long been included in the national standard as a cement mixture. A large number of comparative tests have proved that: When the specific surface area of steel slag powder is more than 420m2/kg, its activity is similar to that of blast furnace slag. The composite mixing of steel slag powder and slag powder can not only further improve the proportion of steel slag powder in composite powder, but also increase the replacement amount of composite powder to cement on the basis of ensuring the performance of concrete, so as to further reduce the preparation cost of concrete. It can obviously reduce the shrinkage deformation of the binder and improve the cracking resistance of the binder. This indicates that steel slag powder products have a good market prospect. At present, the volume stability of steel slag is reduced due to the existence of free CaO and MgO. The higher content of iron oxide increases the difficulty of grinding, the higher power consumption of ton slag powder, and the difficulty of processing steel slag powder. Therefore, the sales volume of steel slag powder market is small, which also makes steel slag powder become an emerging market to be developed.

2. concrete mixing provides space for the use of ultrafine steel slag grinding:

Concrete centralized mixing is a major change in the production mode of construction projects, and the proportion of ready-mixed concrete applications marks the level of concrete industrial production in the country. Practice shows that the use of ready-mixed concrete can increase labor productivity more than double, save cement 10% ~ 15%, reduce project costs about 5%, and can ensure project quality, save construction land, reduce dust pollution, so as to achieve green construction. The development of commercial concrete promotes the development of slag powder production and expands the demand market of slag powder. China's ready-mixed concrete mixing plant was founded in the 1980s, initially in Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places, due to the continuous expansion of the scale of construction, especially due to the rapid development of the construction of southeast coastal cities, coupled with a series of supportive policies and measures taken by the construction authorities, so that the city's ready-mixed concrete increases by 15% per year. Because the price of slag and steel slag is lower than that of cement, concrete mixed with slag and steel slag is economical and suitable for use in intensively mixed commercial concrete. The concrete made by mixing the slag and steel slag with cement, stone and yellow sand has the advantages of high late strength, low hydration heat, good wear resistance and high bonding force with steel bars. It is especially suitable for high-rise buildings, DAMS, airports, large deep foundations and underwater projects. At present, ultra-high strength concrete is mainly prepared by mixing silica ash and high efficiency water reducing agent, but the lack of silica ash raw materials and high efficiency water reducing agent are expensive, resulting in high cost of concrete. With the higher and higher requirements for concrete characteristics in large-scale special projects, the increasing demand for commercial concrete has opened up a broad market for the extensive use of slag and steel slag powder. People's understanding of the characteristics of slag and steel slag powder, a new building material, is also deepening. With the promotion and use of commercial concrete in the country and the implementation of national standards related to slag and steel slag powder products, and the implementation of policies such as strictly prohibiting mixing concrete at construction sites in urban areas, the market of slag and steel slag powder will be more and more large, and its use will attract more and more attention.

3. the preparation process and equipment of steel slag micro-powder vertical grinding have been popularized and applied

At present, the vertical grinding technology is used to grind steel slag micro-powder and produce products that replace high-energy cement clinker, which belongs to the advanced production technology in the industry. In the past, usually slag, steel slag and cement clinker, gypsum, etc. together, according to a certain proportion of grinding into the grinding production of cement. Due to the poor grainability of slag and steel slag, the grinding can not be ground very fine when mixed with cement clinker, its performance can not be fully developed, and the amount and application of slag and steel slag are limited to a certain extent. In the preparation of ultrafine powder from steel slag alone, Jiangsu iron and steel enterprises are at the forefront. Several steel enterprises represented by Changzhou Zhongtian Iron and Steel have built special steel slag vertical grinding process production lines. As a steel slag micro-powder vertical mill manufacturer, HCM Machinery provides technical support in the ultrafine steel slag grinding process route and key vertical mill equipment manufacturing. Its technical characteristics are mainly the following aspects: the selection of vertical mill grinding steel slag powder, with advanced technology, reliable production, high labor productivity characteristics, with vertical mill to produce a ton of specific surface area of 400m2/kg ~ 500m2/kg slag, steel slag powder, than the traditional ball mill production of the same weight of powder saving electricity 30% ~ 50%; The fine powder of slag and steel slag is directly mixed into concrete, which saves the amount of cement and thus saves the energy consumption of cement production. Slag, steel slag grinding process, can flexibly adjust the fineness of products according to market needs. With the increase of the addition of slag and steel slag in concrete, the hydration heat and the content of harmful components of concrete can be reduced, which creates favorable conditions for improving the performance of concrete with lower energy consumption. The steel slag is ground by vertical grinding powder, and the material is ground in a humid environment at high temperature (100℃ ~ 300℃). Most of the free calcium oxide and free magnesium oxide in the steel slag micro-powder are hydrated into highly active calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide. In addition, due to the inclusion of slag and steel slag in concrete, the reaction of alkali aggregate can be effectively reduced, the micro-cracks of concrete can be prevented, and the life of buildings can be extended. Therefore, concrete mixed with slag powder is welcomed by the construction industry for its unique properties. Grinding steel slag alone can be used as a product for concrete production and mixing according to market needs, and can also be adjusted according to the need to adjust the fineness and mixing amount to be configured into cement for sale.

Iron and steel enterprises can take advantage of the existing regional location of steel mills, and the source of raw materials is fully guaranteed; The steel mill has advanced and strict scientific management experience, and has experienced technical team and staff team, which provides the guarantee of organization, technology and production management for the implementation of the project and market development; Steel plant power supply, water supply source reliable, convenient transportation, good cooperation conditions, construction conditions are very superior. To sum up, the construction of steel slag micro-powder projects in iron and steel enterprises can not only turn waste into treasure, improve the added value of steel making, create considerable economic benefits for iron and steel enterprises, but also protect the environment, in line with the policy direction of steel and cement industry structural adjustment. The development of steel enterprises layout steel slag powder project is a good thing to benefit the country and the people, has a broad future and is of great significance, and will play a positive role in promoting the construction of "waste free city" and promoting the sustainable development of the steel industry. If you have ultrafine steel slag grinding project needs, welcome to leave a

Post time: Feb-05-2024