Annual output of 900,000 tons of calcium carbonate powder production line project case

Case of calcium carbonate milling,unit type:HCQ2000,output:900,000 tons / year

Recently, the news came from the customer site that the annual output of 900,000 tons of calcium carbonate powder production line is normal, at present 6 sets of HCQ2000 

large pendulum grinder have been put into production. The customer is a local large calcium carbonate pulverizing enterprise, which has its own mine, and mainly produces calcium carbonate, environmentally friendly putty powder, green building aggregate, etc.

1.Project Overview:

HCQ series improved mill is on the basis of R type Raymond mill technology update of a new efficient green grinding equipment, capacity performance significantly increased, suitable for grinding limestone, calcite, graphite, wollastonite, alum, alum, kaolin, phosphate, coal materials, is the ideal alternative traditional Raymond mill, is also the ideal calcium carbonate powder production line.

Processing materials: calcium carbonate

Finished product fineness: 325 items

Annual output: 900,000 tons

Equipment used: HCQ2000

Under the guidance of the "double-carbon" target, for mining enterprises, green is the background color, intelligent environmental protection and efficient equipment is a link that can not be ignored in the green production link, but also an important guarantee to support the sustainable development of enterprises. The 6 sets of HCQ2000 large pendulum grinder ordered by customers meet the production demand, improve the production specifications and standards, further expand calcium carbonate, promote the green production cycle, and realize the benefit upgrading driven by equipment upgrading!

2.High quality service of Guilin Hongcheng calcium carbonate powder production line equipment factory.

Hongcheng has created a new environmentally friendly, efficient and intelligent calcium carbonate powder production line tailored for customers. It actively coordinates from the design, production, site installation and other links, strictly manages the construction site, timely responds to customer needs, and the project is put into production smoothly and on time. From the early scheme design to the equipment installation and operation, the Hongcheng team is very professional, and every link of the service is in place. Hongcheng equipment is efficient and environmentally friendly, and the benefit increases significantly after production. We look forward to cooperation again.

3.Advantages of Guilin Hongcheng calcium carbonate production equipment in calcium carbonate milling technology.

01、fine high efficiency, high precision. The grading machine adopts built-in large blade cone turbine grader, which has large processing capacity, high grading efficiency and high accuracy. The particle size of the finished product is adjusted within 80-400 items.

02、 scale, high efficiency and energy saving, large output. Adopt new large shovel knife, to optimize the pipeline production, fan system, reduce wind resistance and pipe wall wear, low energy consumption.

03、green environmental protection, less dust and shock absorption. Adopt multi-cyclone dust removal system or full pulse dust collection system with less spilled dust overflow; adopt new shock absorption technology with low noise.

04、High quality, high wear resistance, convenient maintenance. Wear-resistant parts are made of high-performance wear-resistant materials with stable operation and extended service life; the maintenance-free grinding roller assembly and new plum-blossom frame structure are more convenient without disassembly.

In the future, Guilin Hongcheng will continue to uphold the concept of scientific and technological innovation and green development, constantly improve product quality, constantly optimize the calcium carbonate powder production line, and work together with customers to jointly promote the powder processing industry to the efficient, green and sustainable direction. Consulting on calcium carbonate production line equipment technical parameters, equipment quotation, welcome to contact us,email:

Post time: Mar-12-2024