Advantages of petroleum coke environmental protection vertical grinder

 How is the price of oil coke powder?

Guilin Hongcheng environmental protection vertical mill plant learned that petroleum coke is the decompression slag oil of oil, through the coking unit, in 500-550℃ cracking coking and generated black solid coke. About 20% oil coke itself has fuel properties, belongs to the traditional downstream applications, is a glass factory, power plant, cement plant just need, with the rapid development of new energy, about 60% oil coke used in carbon, graphite electrode, anode material three more high-end areas, and a small number of applications in silicon carbide, silicon metal and pharmaceutical chemical industry.

International environment turmoil, let most of the raw materials, at the same time because of the market regulation ability, the downstream consumption ups and downs and changes, therefore, oil coke price affected, and increasingly strict, oil coke as battery positive or negative raw material demand, many enterprises because of strict eia, production faces a major test, at this point, we recommend to use of environmental vertical mill production, less dust, small vibration, easily through the eia.

Which type of grinder is used for petroleum coke grinding?environmental protection verti1


  1. Large output, more energy-saving Environmental protection vertical mill, the maximum output of up to 200 tons per hour, unit time can, the same capacity and fineness, energy consumption is only 40%~50% of the ball mill.
  2. More stable and low in noise The environmental protection vertical mill adopts the grinding roller limit device to avoid the violent vibration caused by the material breaking during the working time of the mill, the whole machine is stable and the noise is low.
  3. Green and dust-free Guilin Hongcheng environmental protection vertical mill overall sealing full negative pressure operation, equipped with pulse dust removal system, dust collection rate up to 99.9%, no dust overflow, basically can realize dust-free workshop.

 environmental protection verti2

Guilin Hongcheng is an ore mill manufacturer, research and development and production of Raymond mill, vertical mill, ultra-fine mill for more than 30 years, in the domestic, overseas about 5000 mill cases, The mill operation is stable, with high output, low power consumption, low vibration, low noise, and the dust collection rate of 99% reaches the environmental protection standard of ore grinding. Consulting Cheng environmental protection vertical grinder, welcome to contact us.

Post time: Sep-13-2023