1000 Mesh Kaolin Ultrafine Mill |Kaolin Fine Powder Processing Equipment Recommendation

Kaolin is a common non-metallic mineral with clay properties, also known as Guanyin clay or dolomite. Kaolin generally needs to be ground in industrial applications. Here, the kaolin grinder must be mentioned. What kind of equipment is a kaolin ultrafine mill? How many meshes can be processed?

HLMX large-scale kaolin super-fine vertical mill

Kaolin has good plasticity and fire resistance. After ultra-fine grinding of kaolin, it can be used in ceramics, papermaking, refractory materials, coatings, rubber and plastics, daily chemicals, enamel, building materials, petroleum, medicine and other industrial fields. China has been using kaolin clay for the production of ceramics since a very early time, and this clay is very famous in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China.


Kaolin ultrafine mill is a device for grinding kaolin raw ore into fine powder. According to the different fineness requirements of kaolin downstream application fields, it can process kaolin powder from 300 mesh to 1500 mesh. Generally speaking, the finer the kaolin powder, the higher the added value and the less the market demand.


HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) specializes in the production of kaolin clay grinding mill, with a variety of models, including HC new kaolin Raymond mill, HLM large-scale kaolin vertical roller millHLMX large-scale kaolin super-fine vertical mill, HCH kaolin ultrafine mill, etc. The equipment has stable performance, high output per hour, and can Low consumption and good environmental protection can ensure the smooth development of kaolin fine processing projects.

 kaolin milling plant

At the same time, HCM’s after-sales team is large and professional, so there is no need to worry about the follow-up of the project. If you want to know more about Kaolin Clay grinding Mill, please call for details and provide follow information to us:

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