Zeolite powder is a kind of powdery crystalline ore material formed by the grinding of zeolite rock. It has three main characteristics: ion exchange, adsorption, and network molecular sieve. HCMilling (Guilin Hongcheng) is a manufacturer of zeolite grinding mill. The zeolite vertical roller mill, zeolite ultra-fine mill, zeolite Raymond mill and other equipment we produce have been widely used in the processing and production line of zeolite. The following describes the role of zeolite powder:

The main purposes of processing zeolite powder with zeolite grinding mill are as follows:

1. Use of active functional filler. After deep processing, this product is mainly used as functional filler in plastics, rubber, artificial leather and other industries to replace light calcium carbonate. The performance of the artificial leather produced by this new filler is twice of the national standard (the radial tensile strength is up to 754, the weft strength is 698, and the peeling degree is 23)

2. Zeolite powder can be used to produce acid resistant PVC hard and soft boards and products. The amount of filler is twice that of light calcium, and its performance meets or exceeds the requirements of the national standard GB4454-84. It can greatly reduce the production cost of manufacturers and improve product quality. For plastic products, its strength is increased by more than 20%. It is used in the paper industry. In the production of newsprint, it replaces talc powder and has high retention.

3. Application of zeolite powder processed by zeolite vertical roller mill in feeds zeolite powder is a good carrier of trace element additives in premixed feeds for chickens, ducks and aquatic animals. The main component of zeolite powder is silicon dioxide (65.39%). Its structure is porous. Simply speaking, the interior is empty, and there are many well arranged crystal cavities and channels. It contains a lot of ions and is very active. Therefore, zeolite powder is a good carrier of feed mineral trace elements. The addition of 3% – 5% zeolite powder to the feed can obviously promote the growth of aquatic animals. The mixture of zeolite powder and nutrients in the feed can increase the thickness of animal intestinal mucosa, develop intestinal glands, enhance the digestive function of animals, and increase the amount of digestive enzymes secreted by gastrointestinal glands to promote the nutrients in the feed. Even completely absorbed.

Zeolite powder contains calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper and manganese, which are indispensable elements in feed. These elements can be supplemented by adding zeolite powder to the feed. In addition, the zeolite powder grinded by the zeolite vertical roller mill also contains trace elements, such as titanium, nickel, molybdenum and selenium. They are active substances of animal enzymes, which can greatly improve the activity of animal enzymes. Zeolite powder also catalyzes some microbial enzymes in the body. Therefore, zeolite powder can increase the absorption rate of nutrients by the human body. Increase feed returns. When 4% zeolite powder was added to the expanded feed for fish, the average daily weight gain of carp increased by 5%, and the incidence rate decreased. Relevant personnel added 3% – 5% zeolite powder to carp pellet feed. The weight gain rate of carp increased by 4.8% – 13.2%. The body color and meat quality of carp are similar to those of natural water carp. The proprietary adsorption of zeolite powder can regulate the formation ratio of ammonium ions in the animal digestive system during the feeding of chickens, ducks, cattle, sheep and other livestock, absorb harmful substances in feed, enhance animal immunity and reduce incidence rate. It can effectively prevent animal diarrhea and make feed more fully absorbed, thus improving the conversion and utilization rate of feed calories and nutrients. Therefore, adding zeolite powder milled by zeolite grinding mill can not only improve the quality and utilization rate of feed, but also increase the proportion of feed and reduce the cost of raw materials for feed production.

4. The zeolite powder processed by the zeolite grinding mill can be used as a water purification agent. Zeolite has unique pores, uniform tubular channels and large internal surface pores. It has unique adsorption, molecular sieve, anion and cation exchange and catalytic performance. It can absorb ammonia nitrogen, organic matter and heavy metal ions in the water, effectively reduce the toxicity of hydrogen sulfide at the bottom of the pool, adjust the pH value, increase the dissolved oxygen in the water, and provide sufficient carbon for growth. Phytoplankton, which improves the photosynthesis of water, is also a good microelement fertilizer.

After the zeolite powder loses the crystal water, the surface is porous and porous, which is equivalent to a porous sponge. It has strong adsorptivity and can adsorb a large number of toxic substances (such as NH3, NH4+, CO2, H2S, etc.). Regular spraying of zeolite powder into aquaculture water can play the role of ammonia deoxidation. At the same time, it can increase the content of trace elements in water, optimize the breeding ecological environment, and promote the growth and development of aquatic animals. Doses are as follows:

Freshwater aquaculture: 15-25g zeolite powder per cubic meter of water during normal feeding. The net profit of quicklime interval is preferred. Before sealing the ice, it is better to use 25-35g of zeolite powder in each cube of water. In winter, increase the survival rate of overwintering.

Mariculture: 75-90g zeolite powder per cubic meter of water.

The indicators of zeolite powder used in aquaculture industry are: purity ≥ 70%, ammonia absorption value 100-150mg/100g; The particle size is larger than 120 meshes (as a carrier) or larger than 60 meshes (evenly sprinkled).

5. The zeolite particles used for the construction of fish pond materials, like zeolite powder, have many internal pores and strong adsorption capacity. When people repair the fish pond, they give up the traditional habit of using the yellow sand bottom of the pond. The bottom layer is covered with yellow sand, and the upper layer is sprayed with anion cation exchange capacity, which is harmful to the adsorbed water. The effect of zeolite can keep the color of fish pond green or yellow green all the year round, which can promote the rapid and healthy growth of fish and improve the economic benefits of aquaculture.

6. The application of zeolite powder processed by zeolite Raymond mill in fertilizer and compound fertilizer. The special zeolite powder binder for compound fertilizer has good adsorbability and cohesiveness.

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